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I’m reblogging this video from www.pixelrites.wordpress.com.  It’s a wonderful blog,  filled with inspirational words, pictures, and videos ; do yourself a favor and stop by.

To me, this video is a testiment to the power of our thoughts and words.  Children haven’t been on the planet long enough to stop believing, and subsequently, they can produce miracles if we don’t get in the way.  For that very reason, I wrote The Grand Master/Little Master Series which is designed to support, teach and nurture this belief.  Enjoy the video of Dr. Wayne Dyer and his adult daughter as she tells the story of a childhood healing.

In love and light,




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I receive daily ‘Law of Attraction’ notifications from Abraham-Hicks (http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofattractionsource/index.php) and felt compelled to share the one below with you, because it is the one I live by:

Life Will Always Be Working Out for Me . . .

I like understanding that things are always evolving, and while there are many things that could be better where I am, it is not really a problem because “where I am” is constantly changing to something better. I like knowing that as I look for the best things around me where I am, those things become more prevalent in my experience.

It is fun to know that things are always working out for me, and as I watch for the evidence of that . . . I see more evidence of that every day.

— Abraham

I start out each and every day at 3:30am with my cup of coffee (currently Dunkin Donuts, Pumpkin Spice!) and my Abraham-Hicks notification.  It seems to get my day off to a good start and it reminds me to stay conscious with my thoughts.

I continuously inspire to raise my vibration to a higher place, living by the above affirmation, and over the past year or so, I see evidence of it all around me.  I’ve always told others to find something to be grateful for; something you can believe in.  If you’re homeless, give thanks for the bridge that shelters you (and mean it).  The mere act of genuine thankfulness will attract more good to you.  It’s the Law of Attraction and it works.  Continuously complain about your circumstances, dwell on your poverty or loneliness and the Law of Attraction will supply more of it.  Like attracts like, it’s the Law of Attraction in action. This law isn’t compassionate or emotional at all, it just works the way it works and everyone gets to use it either consciously or unconsciously; it works either way.

I work with the public (lots of them) and I can tell you that the overwhelming majority aren’t happy with their life, job, relationship, children, income (or lack of), etc.  Most people love to talk about the negative drama in their lives and they’re committed to it; resigned to it simply as ‘the way it is.’ Yes indeed.

In conversing with my daily customers, I also frequently engage in this conversation.  The reality is, unless they’re paying a therapist for advice, they don’t want any.  They want someone they can talk to; someone who can relate to them; and I can relate.  The difference is I think, is that I don’t believe (at a gut level) that which sometimes comes out of my mouth!  Sure, I can complain with the best of them about the job, the money, the lack of time (you’ve all heard me on this one!), etc. but I believe with my whole heart and soul the above affirmation.  I KNOW that I’ll always be okay and that the universe supports my higher good.  The manifestation of this belief continues to propel me forward in ways I’ve never dreamed of.  My complaints are made in an almost humorous way, as I find comfort in this and I’ve never been one to take things too seriously.  Being human is to feel, and sometimes I feel a bit negative.  But I also know that tomorrow is a new day and the negativity doesn’t mean anything; it’s not real.  I know that something good is just around the corner.

In love and light,



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TIME seems to be my biggest challenge these days, and I keep pressuring myself to become more efficient with it, acting as though it’s something I can control.  If I just plan better, organize myself differently, get up earlier and stay up later, eat crackers and cheese for dinner rather than organizing a sit-down meal, forego the family bbq on Labor Day (no worries, I’ll be there sis), I can squeeze more in , you get the picture.  But the thing is, there’s never enough of this thing called TIME, no matter how I try to switch it up or change what I do.  Something is always slipping through the cracks and mostly, its quality time.  As an example:

This blog: it’s hard for me to accept that I can’t get it together to post every weekend.  I always attempt to do it; the intention is there.  Writing is my newfound first love, but unfortunately it is my second job . . . the one that isn’t bringing in enough money to pay the bills yet; the one that is the most demanding of my time.  Enjoying this blog was the one surprise that I wasn’t anticipating.  Not only is it a creative, fun way to express myself, but I’ve met so many great people along the way.  Every author has to have a blog these days but in order to make it pay off in a marketing sense (sales of my children’s series), it requires a number of daily tasks that, in reality, equates to a full-time job.  Posting two to three times per week (if not daily) is one of those tasks.  Asking questions to engage conversation is another, and responding to those comments is critically important. 

One can’t overlook the daily reading of your fellow bloggers posts and leaving comments.  Those of us who have blogs know how much it validates what we do when people respond in some way . . . any way actually.  Agree, disagree, but say something.  I completely enjoy this part of the blogging experience and can get lost for several hours a day if I allow myself this luxury, which I would like to do.   And of course there’s the visual appearance of your blog (themes, colors, backgrounds, pictures, video’s, etc.) which should  be pleasant.  There are courses that teach one how to be a professional blogger in order to reach big numbers and how to then turn that into sales . . . but this too is a commitment of TIME; lots of it.

If you’re a published author, there’s other marketing that can’t be ignored, and is probably way more important than blogging (if you have to prioritize): sending off piles and piles of books to potential reviewers, landing radio interviews, attempting to check in and be active on the social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon Author, Library Thing, and Shelfari , to name just a few of the hundreds and hundreds out there.  Where do I advertise with my limited funds to get the most ‘bang for the buck’? How do I stand out from all the other children’s books on the shelves?  Oh how I wish I had the TIME to sit at my computer all day and play on this level.  Yes, it’s a lot of work but I really enjoy it. I believe that I’ve resigned myself to blogging for pure pleasure, when I can squeeze it in, because clearly I don’t have the TIME to do all that’s required, in any way that even remotely resembles ‘professional.’

I could go on and on with the countless other tasks required to live and function when one has a spouse, children, pets, an aging parent to tend to, sickness, etc., but the thing is, most all of you can relate to what I’m saying; nothing new here. My world is likely no different than yours, just different tasks on the ‘to do’ list.  Are you hoping for some sound, practical advice in this post for how to add more TIME or quality to your already full day?  I do have some answers, but the problem is, they’re the ones you already know . . . . “you have to MAKE THE TIME “(really?). . . “Prioritize and let the little ones go” (I have no little ones; I already dropped them off my list). Can I practice what I preach in my series?  Do we really have all the answers internally?  What would Grand Master say about this dilemma we face?  Is it just a matter of getting quiet, going within and asking?

Let me check . . . . . . . . . Eyes closed, deep breath; . . . inhale . . . exhale. . . .  going within . . . . .

“All your worries and stress about ‘lack of time’ only hinder your success and intensify the negative experience, little master. You cannot focus on ‘lack of time’ and expect more time to show up.  Be clear about what you want, move forward with love and kindness, do not compromise quality in your life, and help others on their path when the opportunity arises.  Know that there is a powerful force in the universe that is committed to manifesting all that you desire.  This is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal, little master; if you can believe it.”

Hmmm, not sure how that works, but it does.  I know where I want this series to go and I’m quite clear about it. It either will or it won’t but my constant mind-set of ‘not enough time’ is indeed providing, not enough time.  What shows up in our world is exactly what we focus on.  If you don’t like what you see in your life, change what you see in your life; find the beauty, the serenity, the sunrises and sunsets; focus on nothing but the good for as long as you can and when the negative creeps in, consciously push it out.  Say something to yourself such as, “I refuse to let this negative thought permeate my consciousness,” and lovingly send it on its way.  It seems silly and yet, it’s quite a powerful statement to the universe about what you’re willing to accept as your reality.  This takes conscious practice, but the benefits are well worth it.  Do I do this all the time?  No, because I forget and I’m busy and my lack of time robs my will to stay conscious.  Will I put extra effort into it this week?  Damn straight. 

Any comments?   🙂

In love and light,



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Having written a children’s series that teaches about karma and universal laws, I find myself frequently being asked about unsettling incidents like the Colorado shooting; “how do you explain that?  “Did all those innocent people have it coming?” The truth is, I can’t explain it and like everyone else, it leaves me feeling a bit sick to my stomach.  If you’re a parent who’s lost a child, it’s the unimaginable.

But for what it’s worth, I will share my thoughts with you.  There are only two things that make sense to me, and I don’t particularly like either one, but they leave me feeling a bit more at ease.  The first is that we are such tiny grains of sand in this vast universe and our perception of reality is so limited that it’s difficult to conceive beyond the small box we live in.  We sometimes wonder how a just and loving God could allow this type of unthinkable thing to happen. 

If I practice what I preach in my series and reach inside my gut for an answer, what I hear is, “You have no idea what lies beyond, little master.  Some of us make agreements to come to this earth for a hundred years, and some for just a few days.  Every life changes many lives; no matter the time they’re here.”  I do believe that.  I think that when we lose a loved one, especially in an untimely, cruel way, we grieve because we will miss them, we grieve for the way we lost them, and we’re saddened for that lost part of our self that can never fully recover; that we are changed forever.  But I think it’s bigger than whatever we can imagine; I think there are no accidents; I think we live in a miraculous universe where, no matter what the appearance, everything is in Divine Order.  I know what you’re thinking; that everything is NOT perfect and you can prove it in a thousand ways.  I believe you are mistaken.  It is only because we cannot conceive it and that we can’t make sense of it inside our tiny ‘reality’ box that it seems unfair and cruel.  And we should grieve because that’s what makes us human.  But if we take it a step further and trust that as ‘tiny grains of sand’ in this vast universe, we have a very limited understanding, we can live in a more peaceful, loving place. 

There is one other possibility that makes some sense to me.  Everything in the universe recycles itself and it seems absurd to me that our souls wouldn’t do the same.  Growing up Catholic, I remember the priests putting ashes on our forehead on Ash Sunday while saying, “Remember man that thou art dust and into dust thou shall return.”  Even as a child I thought, Okay, but where do I  go?” 

Some people think that reincarnation sounds ridiculous; I think that everything else sounds ridiculous.  Our physical bodies house something that can’t be seen or touched; something intangible; you all know what I’m talking about.  It’s the ‘something’ that looks in the mirror and can’t believe that their body has aged, because they still feel 18 (or 21, or 30 . . .) I believe this ‘something’ is the ‘who we are’ beyond our body; it is our soul; our Spark of the Divine.  To think that we all go someplace for eternity to live ‘happily-ever-after’ or be punished for our evil deeds doesn’t sit right in my gut.  It also seems ridiculous that we simply cease to exist; that the essence of who we are dies with our physical bodies; gone.   I have a tough time even thinking that I might be completely off base about this one!

We’re here to live and learn and teach each other.  We’re all connected no matter how separate we feel.  I think it’s like a big spider web and any movement on an individual cord tugs at the whole.  I absolutely believe that what we do unto others, we do to ourselves.  And if we don’t get it this time around, we’ll come back until we do; struggling with relationships or happiness or prejudice or whatever we take to our graves. 

Who knows, maybe the evil come back as cockroaches (hah! divine justice . . .  sorry, couldn’t help myself), but the point  is that if everything is fair and if we have to be on the receiving end of that which we cause, it makes sense (ugh) for a good, perfect, innocent being to be the victim of a crime, if they were the cause of an unthinkable crime in a previous incarnation.  For me, there is a bit of comfort in this belief because there is an element of fairness; otherwise it feels random and meaningless and I can’t live with that.  And even with this belief, I can’t imagine being the parent of a child who was victimized or died in an untimely manner.  The pain is certainly beyond what I can imagine.

I don’t claim to have the answers but I decided to share my thoughts today.  Seemingly bad things do happen to good people and there is much evidence to suggest that your belief system determines how life shows up for you.   When we hear of these disasters on the news and after shedding a tear or two for the brutality of it, I think it’s important that we find something bigger to have faith in, no matter what it is.  If we can elevate our thinking to a more peaceful, loving, tolerant place; to a universe that has only love and fairness at its core, I believe that only good can come from it, whether or not we understand it.

In love and light,



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For those of you who read my post from last weekend, I have to apologize if I offended anyone with the link to the movie, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but we gotta have a sense of humor, right?  Personally, no matter what the circumstances, it’s not in my make-up to behave as Steve Martin did in that scene.  And yet, there is something so gratifying to watch someone else behave like that when you feel that an injustice has been done.  It’s as though you silently root them on for verbalizing what YOU can’t say or do.  It doesn’t serve anyone; it almost never gets anything productive accomplished, it only serves the person blowing off steam for the sake of blowing off steam.

So why, you might ask,  am I still beating this subject to a pulp?  Glad you asked.  My husband and my son spent last week in NY and WERE SCHEDULED to arrive home around 10:30pm last night.  The calls from my husband started coming in around 10:15, saying that the flight was a bit delayed.  “Ha ha ha, wouldn’t it be funny if you had a repeat of last weekend?  What are the odds? Ha ha ha . . .

Do I need to say more?  It is now Sunday afternoon at about 3:30pm and they still aren’t home.  So, I’m not going to detail the series of unfortunate events that occurred to my husband and son in the last 24 hours, but because yesterday was my son’s 17th birthday, I wrote a poem for him; one that I’m sure he’ll keep forever to commemorate this happy occasion.  The first part of the poem you read about in last weeks post.  The last half is what you don’t know.  Please allow me to share it with you, here goes:

Jordan’s 17th Birthday

June 30, 2012

I’m sorry your birthday wasn’t the celebration you should get

Most of it on the runway, on a United Airlines jet

 Your celebration dinner should have been cake and ice cream,

But you were getting nothing, not even peanuts, it would seem.

 We didn’t get to see Kate and Danielle wed,

Hotels.com gave you a couch, not a bed.

 F _ _ _ ing Marsha (!) and her husband

(I’m sure their relationship is good),

But we don’t think he talks to her the way that he should!

 The line at Customer Service was a three hour wait,

We weren’t getting in soon, it seemed was our fate.

 Although United had agents all over the place,

Only TWO were helping customers; no smiles on their face.

 Finally!  Good news!  We can catch some of the reception

Eighty dollars later; different airport, no exception.

 “Okay, we’ll do it, what choice do we have?”

We can change into our wedding clothes in a gas station lav.

 That is, if we locate our lost checked-in bag

What else do they need, we still have our tag . . .!

 We did indeed, make the reception in time

For some much needed food, on someone else’s dime!

 A few hours later, mom on her way home,

Tropical Storm, Debbie, making HER presence known!

 You and dad in New York, getting up early each day,

Checking out colleges; the thing to do, so they say.

 And then finally, it’s over, the week here and gone,

You can finally sleep in, no rising at dawn.

 Then back at the airport, United flight 721

Sat still on the runway, couldn’t get it to run!

 You returned to the gate, not once, but twice,

A new flight crew was needed, “well, isn’t that nice?!”

 They cancelled the flight, three hours gone by

You were so friggin tired, you thought you might die.

 The ‘Friendly Skies’ airline, once again made it right

They’d get you home, but “no way’ tonight.

 No rooms to be had; every single one filled,

Both you and your dad, neither one of you thrilled.

 Another night in the airport, lost souls all around,

Travelers sleeping, some on the ground.

 “The closest we can get you into Tampa Bay,

Is the Orlando airport, and have a nice day!”

 As I sit here and write this, feeling bad that you’re tired,

Get a rental car, get home!  So that dad doesn’t get fired!

 It was an expensive trip and you were up every night,

Do you think that United will make their wrongs right?

 So, Happy Birthday my son, I hope it was great!

Fly the “Friendly Skies of United”

On your next vacation escape 🙂

Gotta laugh, right.?  But then again, I’m the one at home.  They should be here shortly and I’ll expect to see them for about ten minutes, before they throw their limp bodies on top of the bed.

In love and light,



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It was to be a whirlwind weekend but one I was willing to do.  My niece was getting married late Saturday afternoon in Chatham, NY. I arose in typical workday fashion on Friday morning at 3:30am and put in a full day of work.  Exhausted, I ran home, showered, grabbed my husband, my 17 year old son, and my carry-on luggage and headed for the Tampa airport for a 7:00pm flight.  We were to stop in DC and catch our connecting flight into Albany, NY, scheduled to arrive at 11:30pm.  We had a rental car waiting so that we could then drive approximately 40 minutes into the lovely village of Chatham. 

My husband and son were staying for a week to visit colleges, rekindle with family, and relax.  I had to be back on Sunday for some unfinished work prep and work on Monday.  To accommodate my circumstances, I had ONE choice of return departure times: 5:30am . . . no problem, I just won’t stay at the reception too late; I can handle it.

When we discovered that our flight would be delayed for take-off from Tampa, due to some bad weather conditions in DC that still eludes me, my son said, “Wouldn’t it be terrible if we missed the wedding?”  We both chuckled.  Forty minutes later, still sitting in line for take-off, it didn’t seem so funny.

We missed our connecting flight by, oh . . . twenty minutes, along with most of the other passengers who also missed their connecting flights.  When we asked “WHY IN THE WORLD WOULDN’T THEY HOLD THE PLANES FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WERE CURRENTLY RUNNING THROUGH THE AIRPORT TO CATCH THEIR FLIGHT???” We were told that United NEVER holds flights.  Friggin super.  Okay, “What do we do now?”  It’s about 9:30pm in DC.  We were instructed to get in line at customer service and they would help us re-book.  My husband got in line for three hours . . . couldn’t some of those other United employees help out?  I mean, the airport is dead at this hour and they’re manning counters with ZERO people there!  Two and a half hours later, they decided that indeed, this was an excellent idea.

There were no flights available with room for additional passengers and the absolute soonest they could get us out was 24 hours later, putting us in NY Saturday night, very late.  “Wouldn’t it be terrible if we missed the wedding?” Ha ha ha, . . . It seemed that we would.  We did discover however, if we were willing to take a taxi to the Ronald Regan airport (for another $80.00) they could get us on a flight with another airline that would maybe allow us to catch some of the reception.  I was so frustrated that I would have turned around and come right back to Tampa (considering that I had to return at 5:30am on Sunday morning anyway), but they couldn’t get me back until late Saturday night.  I might as well stay with the boys, as my only other option was to hang at the airport for 24 hours.  We opted for the flight out of Ronald Regan the following day at 2:50pm.

I had no checked luggage, only a carry on with my dress for the wedding, a pair of nice shoes, and some miscellaneous personal items.  My husband and son however had checked one bag, to accommodate their week’s stay.  “Where is my bag?” asks my even-tempered husband (who always professes that one attracts more flies with honey . . .), refusing to give in to the understandable frustration he was feeling.  “Good question!” was the ‘way too happy’ United attendant’s response (seriously, WAY too happy, even under normal circumstances).  We were tired, it was 3:30am, and we weren’t feeling quite as chipper as she was.  It is HERE where I have to insert a link to the particular scene in Planes, Trains and Automobiles (Steve Martin and John Candy) that adequately conveys the way my husband and I were feeling in this moment.  But I have to warn you, the ‘F’ bomb is dropped quite a few times, so please don’t view it if you’ll be offended!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWRxPDhd3d0

They had no idea what happened to our bag.  “Eventually, it will show up in Albany . . . . eventually, we think.  But don’t lose your luggage tag!” they tell us.  Really?!  We were going to throw it away, all this unnecessary paper . . .

We had to sleep.  United gave us a coupon for 50% off with Hotels.com and a voucher for taxi transportation to the hotel, IF we can find a hotel that isn’t either full, or priced out of our range (even at 50% off) for the four hours of sleep that we might get, so that we can take a taxi to a different airport  and leave on a different airline.  My husband spends another 30 minutes on the phone with an employee from Hotels.com, who can’t even seem to answer simple questions like, “how many beds are in the room?” The incredibly nice man on the other end of the phone asked if we could call him back to let him know the bed count once we arrived.  I suppose if any other customers requested that same information, he would be able to give them an accurate answer. The look on my husbands face was priceless.  “You want me to call you back to tell you how many beds are in the room?!” he asks. Who the heck is this ‘Hotels.com’ and exactly WHAT service do they provide???

While my husband is occupied with finding us a room for a few hours of sleep, my son and I are watching the other lost souls wandering around the empty airport.  One gentleman (and I use this word loosely) simply couldn’t contain his frustration.  Apparently he felt a need to call his wife at this absurd hour, just to share what was going on, as though she could do anything about it, particularly at that hour. The airport was quiet; people were sleeping on benches, small children wrapped in their parents arms, a tearful young woman with her husband trying to return home to Ireland . . . and we ALL hear “F_ _ _ ING COME ON MARSHA!  . . . YES, I’M STUCK HERE UNTIL 10PM TOMORROW NIGHT; I CAN’T GET A HOTEL, I CAN’T GET A RENTAL CAR, MY LUGGAGE IS MISSING  . . . OH NEVER MIND, I GUESS YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING!  I’LL DO THIS ON MY OWN LIKE I DO EVERYTHING ELSE!  Click.  Well wasn’t that fun?  Now that everyone is awake . . . and very happy about it, I might add.  This rage-a-holic was the highlight of my son’s weekend.  He was completely entertained by this man’s inability to control himself in an appropriate manner.  ‘Robbie Rage’ freaked out at anyone who HE thought should be able to help him, but couldn’t. 

Without boring you with more detail, we did get into a nice hotel for about $75.00 (and had to use the pull out couch for the extra bed . . . no, we didn’t call the nice gentleman at hotels.com . . . “Hey listen Tom, we do indeed have beds in this room, thanks for the service you folks provide!”

The rental car company had our pick up date wrong; my husband had to convince them that it was THEIR mistake, not ours, in order to avoid being charged another $200.00 or so for the week he needed the car.  Swiftly, we changed our clothes and arrived at the wedding reception in time to eat (thank goodness, we’d been eating crackers and nuts for the last 24 hours) and to consume some much needed alcohol.  I’m certain I made a lovely impression with the dark circles under my red eyes, in my wrinkled dress and heels, while quickly downing two glasses of wine!   “Hey congratulations, sorry we missed the wedding . . . got any more wine?”

I was asleep by 11:30pm and ALMOST missed my flight out of Albany.  At 4:30am in the small airport of Albany, NY on a Sunday morning . . . who would have thought that the security line would look like a 45 minute wait for a Disney ride?  Really??!!  But lo and behold, I did arrive at my gate just as they announced boarding for group six.  I arrived safely and uneventfully back in Tampa, just in time to catch all the excitement from Tropical Storm Debbie.  I was so tired I just wanted to jump in bed, but I thought that it might be wise to call my husband for instructions on draining the pool.  Not only was it filled to capacity (and a lovely shade of green-yellow), but I was concerned that the water might begin to seep into the house from the lanai (screened in porch, for those who aren’t Floridians).  No matter that it was pouring down rain with wind gusts of 30mph . . . . “I’ll get my get my raincoat honey, don’t hang up!”.  My husband tells me that the draining hose is split, therefore I have to insert one end into the other and “make sure you shove it in two or three feet . . . .”  Sure!  No problem!  Such an opportunity; I now know how to drain our pool, even if the hose is in two pieces!

I’d like to say that this story ends happily and while I’m now safe within the confines of my home, I made a decision when my alarm went off this morning to NOT go to work.  Once I make that decision, I can’t change my mind two hours later; it’s too late to get prepared. For most, this might not be a big deal, but I drive a mobile catering truck and service approximately 300 people (15 companies) for their breakfast, break, and lunch needs.  With the pounding rain at 3:30am this morning and the dismal weather forecast, it seemed the right choice.  Monday is a big money day for me AND, we just spent $1000.00 for a weekend at the Dulles Airport (something that was on my bucket list) so I really needed to work, but I couldn’t see spending the entire day in tropical storm conditions.  It’s now 3:00pm and it hasn’t rained ONCE today . . . the sun even came out (isn’t that special?).  I found myself hoping it would pour to justify my decision, but no, it’s been a beautiful day.

As I watch the news, they’re saying that we shouldn’t be fooled by the seemingly quiet conditions right now.  In the next two days if Debbie doesn’t have some movement, we could get more rain than the record we set on Sunday . . . and God forbid, if it gets upgraded to a level ONE hurricane, we’re in trouble. 

So it’s been an interesting weekend, to say the least, and the streak of ‘luck’ doesn’t seem to be over yet.  Thank goodness my son was able to keep me in pretty good spirits by seeing the humor in the ‘series of unfortunate events’.  I’m trying very hard to just ‘chill’ and go with the flow.  Not much else to do, but it’s been a test.  I hope my husband and son are enjoying their stay in NY while I sit, prepared to seek shelter in the bedroom closet, equipped with candle, lighter, water, several cans of food, and a vat of wine . . . .

In love and light (if we don’t lose power),



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It’s Father’s Day and I’d like to start this post by wishing all father’s reading this blog, a very happy one!  But my post will not be about Father’s Day.  Almost every blog I follow is doing a tribute to the men in their lives and while well-deserved indeed, I’ve decided to write about the one thing that seems to be occupying my thoughts these days, from sun up to sundown; my daughter in Greece (aka, separation anxiety). 

Last week’s post told the story; this week’s post will be stealing the wisdom of my oldest sister (although she will deny this fact and solemnly swear that my middle sister is the oldest!).  It’s the ‘Bubble Theory’ that she frequently speaks of when anyone in the family is worried or concerned about a loved one.

I miss my daughter, I really do, but more than that, I worry about her safety; the decisions she makes without my consultation; riding on big Greek horses that live more in a herd than in a stable, getting lost on the trails that still baffle her . . . .  What’s a parent to do about the daily worry that consumes them?  How do you NOT break out into a cold sweat when you put your little one on the bus for the first time? When they go for their first solo car ride or on an airplane alone to visit aunt Suzy?  When they go on their first date?  This part of the parental journey was not in any of the books on MY night table; or maybe it was but I certainly didn’t process it.  I probably read it and nodded my head as though I could relate, but those bonds are so strong that ‘there ain’t no relatin” until you’re a parent that has sent their baby off without them.

When my children were little, I used to ask parents of older children, “Does it get easier?”  The fairly standard response was, “It gets different.” At the time, that seemed like a cop-out answer, but having been there, it is exactly accurate; it gets different.  I mean, I no longer worry about them getting out of my sight in the supermarket (actually, I can’t even get them to the supermarket!), but now I worry about the choices they make that have no previous experience to warrant making those choices. 

My daughter; Greece; “Put her in a bubble” my sister would tell me and it simply refers to visualizing them in a bubble cocoon.  I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but something happens in the instant you make a decision to ‘bubbleize’ someone.  That decision calls forth something out of nowhere to wrap your loved ones in; a protective, invisible-like shield, keeping them safe in a crazy world.  “How can it work?” you might ask.  “It only makes YOU feel better but it can’t really protect them.” You might add.  I say it does work.  If you believe in The Law of Attraction, then you have to believe that we give a powerful vibration to ANY thoughts rolling around in our head.  When we worry, we only ADD to the negative possibility.  When we surrender it to ‘the bubble’, we’ve demonstrated our faith that ‘she will be fine; she is protected.’ Those thoughts are way more powerful and will bring about a way more desired result than worry.

Does this mean that nothing bad can happen to my daughter in Greece?  Of course not, but I’m taking no chances.  The bubble has proven itself over and over to my family and I believe it.  A strong belief in anything that your heart desires is the key to attainment. But be realistic.  Case in point: The lottery hasn’t worked for me yet . . . of course, I really don’t believe that I can win; the odds are so stacked against it.  For now, I’ll just believe that my daughter is fine in Greece in her protective bubble. I should probably also go check my husband’s lottery ticket . . . . HE believes we can win.

In love and light,



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